Artist Statement

Elizabeth Hutchison

Painted Rock Art

     All of us humans are bound to this Earth, the sky, the rocks, the sand, the mountains and deserts. We come from the Earth and sky. Our ancient peoples originally painted or carved on rock for inspiration, expression, problems and historical documentation which provided us with a physical, emotional and intellectual connection to them.


     My rock painting is influenced by the Earth: sky, trees, seeds, animals, insects, stars and water. I also draw inspiration from the native cultures and belief systems of South America, Tibet, and Mexico. Mandalas provide expression of the circle of life, and the earth and a sense of peace. 


My rock art uses and explores colors, shapes, flows, and movement that evoke a feeling. For me it is a way to feel deep connection to my inner self, and the world around me; sometimes evoking meditative sense or search for inner hidden feelings I discover within myself.


     Each rock is a unique design, created by my mood or feeling at the time of painting. All are free hand drawings using Flagstone, Marble, or other types of rocks, acrylic paint /pens, marker pens and artist high grade UV resistant archival  non-yellowing, protective varnish spray.


     Each viewer innately experiences a different feeling and interpretation of any given piece of art. Our memories, our self identification, and experiences provide this. My goal for the viewer is to slow down and contemplate and feel something, perhaps an inner sense of peace,  a sense of happiness or fun.


     Rock art can be enjoyed in a garden setting, on patios, along walkways, or in a home or business, becoming and integral part of one’s experience, to uplift and compliment any environment.


Recommend placement in sheltered area . Although I use highest quality of protective finish, the rocks will weather if in direct sun and exposed to the elements.